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Original Mike & Nina Art

Image of Original Mike & Nina Art


Early on Nina used to sketch all her comics out in traditional media before colouring them digital. Now most of her comics are fully digital.
Now is a once in a lifetime chance to own the ORIGINAL inks/sketches of "Mike & Nina: a love story" art so you can see just how bad an artist Nina really is.

$6 gets you one signed page of your choice filled with the comic drawing plus any other doodles I may have been messing with at the time! If there's room on the page I can even include a personalized doodle.

Comics available:
"This is Mike"
"& This is Nina"
"Channeling David Bowie"
"Cat butts" [three separate pages]
"The Blanket Monster" and "FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS..." [they're on the same page]
"Alternative Means of Fuel"
"Serenading isn't always sweet"
"hypoCritical Cancer"
"Ambassador from the planet Whatsup-atron"
"Sauce time with Mikey"
"Front Butt"
"Turtle Wax"
"Cat Butt: keychains"
"How Mike Sleeps" [two separate pages"
"Organic Floss"
OR one of three secret never before seen online comic pages!

Just tell me what one you'd like in the "contact" section in the side bar. If no contact is received I'll pick one at random.